Best Hotel Website Design

Don’t you not hotel website in different forms? There are hotel websites which are designed mainly to attract the eye of the guest. By this hotel website design, some of the guests get curious about the content of the website. This is one of the techniques of hotel managers to get more customers. Here are some hotel website designs that you should not miss out.

  1. Casa Angelina

One of the best features of the site of this hotel page has background music and page animation, which mainly attracts all types of clients. It is located in Italy, so if you are looking for a hotel in Italy where you can enjoy your vacation. The best choice for you is to visit Casangelina website and be astonished to the services they are offering.

  1. Niseko Hakuunso

Niseko Hakuunso is located in Japan. The hotel website has UI design for seasons, which means they have set up winter and summer design, which is crafted creatively. The eye-catching feature of this hotel website is the UI design which hides the white navigation bar on a dark background. The beautiful clouds of Mt. Fuji can be seen on the site, which adds more attraction to the eye of the customer.

  1. Hotel Risvengelio Akasaka

Hotel Risvengelio Akasaka is situated in Japan, which has dynamic weather icons and hotel interior background. All design is the best to use for the hotel website to attract every customer that will visit the web. The hotel opened in 2015, which have an overall UI design website that is clear and concise. The icons and fonts are elegant and clean, making it more attractive to all expected clients that will visit the site.

  1. Harbor Suites

Harbor Suites is located in Greece, and the hotel website best feature is its responsive design. The location of the hotel is very convenient to all kind of people, especially to leisure tourist and business people.